IT Consulting

Mark has worked in corporate IT since the 90's, mainly in leadership roles within large financial organisations. He currently works for 17 Ways, a boutique consulting firm based in Sydney. Mark has worked at IBM, General Accident, Macquarie Bank, Suncorp and a number of other companies. Mark has run large development programs, operations and infrastructure teams.

Coaching and Mentoring

Throughout Mark's career he has taken a keen interest in personal development and getting the best out of people. He believes in giving people the space to grow and in setting people up for success. He has put over 100 people through his own development program. If you would benefit from Mark's experience in your situation, contact him for a consultation.


Mark has written a number of books, two of which are available to download for free for a limited time. Feedback on ways to improve his writing is greatly appreciated.

While still a hobby author with much to learn, Mark is applying the same approach to writing that has been so successful in in his IT career and hopes to continue to improve.

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