Being successful is much easier with a strong mentor on your side who can guide you and help with the challenges.


Mark has spent his management career getting the best out of people. He has directly managed and mentored over 100 people, helping them to develop their careers and build the skills needed to cope with difficult and challenging situations.

Mark has developed his own management training course consisting of three half day sessions on Managing Yourself, Communication and Managing Teams. Over 150 people have attended these courses with very positive feedback. The world of corporate IT is increasingly challenging to navigate, and sound techniques, coupled with good advice are essential for the modern IT manager to succeed.


The approach taken depends upon your individual circumstances and needs. Mentoring consists of 45 minute sessions, in person, or over a video or phone connection, either monthly or fortnightly, depending upon the situation. Mark is also available between sessions to answer questions over email or for short follow ups.

Is it Right for You?

It is often difficult for people close to a situation to give good, unbiased advice. A third party with no personal agenda other than to help you, may be better placed to assist, especially if it is someone with decades of experience of similar situations. Typically the role of a mentor is to ask the right questions to get you to come up with the answers yourself, and to provide scenarios and examples that assist you with this process.

If you would like to discuss your situation with Mark, please contact him using the details below. There is no charge for the initial discussion so you have nothing to lose.


Real world feedback from people I have worked with.

Person 1

Joost Rooijmans

Programme Manager SQA & Testing

Mark was my superior for a brief but career-changing period in my professional life. Mark mentored me through my firsts steps in a new industry and gave me full confidence to step up from a career in project based operational test management to a more strategic quality assurance position. From our first encounter during the interview process, I've always felt the Mark's primary driver as my manager was to allow me to further develop my skills and become a better leader, triggering my interest in continuous improvement, innovation and operational excellence. Skills I apply daily ever since.

Person 1


Programme Manager

Over my 20 years in FinTech I have had many managers of differing ability. Mark stands out from the pack as a true mentor. He recognised my strengths lay in team leadership and strategy and helped me to develop these. As a consequence of his support I was promoted and now lead a team of over 100 staff.

Person 2

Jonathan Cross

Senior Technology Leader

With Mark’s guidance and mentoring I became more self-aware, more cognizant of behaviours, motivators and styles and ultimately a more effective communicator and leader of others.

Person 3

RC Flores

Test Manager

At a time when we were in the middle of a huge amount of organisational change in our firm, I worked closely with Mark as one of his direct reports. Very early into our working relationship it struck me very quickly that Mark had a highly pragmatic approach to solving problems. Just as importantly, as a relatively junior leader at the time I relied heavily on Mark's advice around the practical areas of leadership you wouldn't normally read in books. I learned a huge deal from his insights around selling one's ideas, packaging your messaging, and working around political dynamics to achieve positive outcomes. Among the many leaders I have worked with in my career, Mark is one of those who I have learned from and enjoyed working with the most.

Person 3

Patrick Davin

Market Access Architect

Mark is one of the wisest managers I have had the pleasure to work with. He created an oasis of sanity in a time and place of craziness.

Person 4

Caoimhin O'Cuinn

Senior Developer

I worked under Mark for seven years as an A/P at Macquarie Bank. Having over thirty years’ experience in I.T., I’d have to say he is probably the best manager I’ve worked for. He created an autonomous environment where his team were empowered to do their job. Emphasis was on implementation and when complications arose, correction rather than recrimination. He accepted overall responsibility for the work of the team (including if mistakes were made) and his support and loyalty encouraged us all to go above and beyond when needed.

Person 4

Martin Bennett

CIO at identitii

Mark has been a huge influence on my style and approach. Initially as my line manager then later as a mentor and advisor, Marks principals continue to be core in my own coaching content. He remains my go-to sounding board when a thorny problem arises.

Person 4

Lincoln Cassis

IT Infrastructure Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Mark for two years in the Philippines for Macquarie's Offshore Resource Center. Mark was a Senior Division Director managing over 400 staff in the site who provided top level leadership across multiple teams. In my opinion he also served as an inspiring mentor for all staff in the site, as they all looked up to him for direction - including myself. He provided leadership in creating and managing project plans to execution and has a unique skill combination of deep technical knowledge and strong business acumen. It was a pleasure to work with Mark and I hope to be able to do so again in the future.

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