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The story of a Neanderthal boy growing up.


A Selection of Short Stories

The War Story
Tom is a highly trained soldier. The people who trained him are now invading his country and he feels no loyalty to them anymore. Tom is fighting back and defending his people using the tricks he learnt from his former comrades who are now his sworn enemy.

The Detective Story
Phil is a detective in a world where detection is almost illegal. Privacy laws prevent the capture of surveillance data and despite the highly advanced technology age that he lives in, he needs to use old-school techniques to investigate crime. Luckily Phil is an old-school kind of detective.

The Thriller
Eula is a successful lawyer with a cat and a failed marriage. She needs to visit Hong Kong to sort out the affairs of her father’s estate. She has no idea what the next few weeks will hold.

The Love Story
Irene always wanted to be a nurse. She thought she’d fall in love with a doctor but it turns out she fell for a bad boy soldier instead. She is a moth, and he is the flame.

The Road Trip
Dan has had enough of his life. He has grown distant from his wife and is stuck in a rut with his job. He doesn’t want to die but he isn’t sure he wants to live either.


A personal account of what it was like to work at Macquarie Bank (AKA The Millionaires' Factory) in it's heydey. An insider's view of the good and bad of an organisation at the peak of its powers.

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IBM Redbook available to buy from Amazon or free directly from IBM. Very out of date and not recommended reading. Included for completeness.

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